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Vendors & Parts

In no particular order. 

New URL.


Caps, resistors, schematics, etc.

Grille Cloth Headquarters  


Adams Manufacturing Co.

Adams Manufacturing Company is a small manufacturing operation dedicated to reproducing hard to find components for antique radios, with an emphasis on models produced during the 1930's & 1940's.

Drive belts, bronze tuner cable, etc.

Bill Morris Transoceanic Restoration Battery Packs.  These are excellent repros!

1942z985witheveready950s.jpg    battbusinesscard3.jpg (64757 bytes)

Plastic Dial scale covers.

Vintage Look Cords - CLICK FOR CLOSEUP VIEW!Check out this site. Try these line cords out.  Nice stuff. 

These cord sets are no longer available. Here's hoping that Bob finds a new source. 

He has many more great value components.  Please visit his site. Logo    Electronics, batteries, test equipment, and more all at MCM. MCM offers a wide variety of electronic and computer related parts.    

  logo            UPS

Retro Radio Repair

Mark Palmquist
5033 Arbor Lane
Lilburn, GA 30047

Clear Dial scale covers.

Crystals, oscillators, filters, precision crystals, TCXOs and more from International Crystal

Fantastic people to deal with!

Data Professionals Heathkit Page

Providing support for legacy Heathkit Products.

Skalenscheiben und  Rückwand Forum

European Radio Glass Dial scales.

Euro-Radio Parts.

Frag´ Jan Zuerst --- Ask Jan First GmbH & Co. KG

Serving the world with tube technology from Germany since 1993.

Grundig, Telefunken, Emud, Saba..

Interesting European dial scale reproductions from 

Ben Dijkman & Co

Speaker cloth, tubes etc.

Reproduction Dial Glass

Tubes  Tubes  Tubes  Tubes

 NOS and Used tubes


New Sensor

Newly manufactured Tubes

Vacuum Tubes Shipped FAST!

RadoDaze no longer sells tubes.  This site also was recommended on the USENET group. 

Vacuum Tubes at The Tube Center - Buy, Sell, & Swap Vacuum Tubes, Valves, Grids, & Sockets. Your #1 Vacuum Tube Supplier! Contact The Tube Center at 407- 826 - 9172. We carry all the top vacuum tube manufacturers.




  Swedish Radio tube Shop

Specialty tubes.


New tubes from Parts Express.

JJ Tubes Find JJ tube specs here.    tube spec

Solid State 1L6 and 50A1


eea101( 863Feedback score is 500 to 999)

A great guy with great products Solid State 1L6 and 50A1.     See my test results here. 



Radio Backs. logo


A Big Vendor List

Drake Reproduction front panels!

Class X Push-Pull Output TransformersGXSE Series Signal Ended Output Transformers

Transformer manufacturer


Hosfelt Electronics, Inc.
220 South 3rd Street
PO BOX 4369
Steubenville, Ohio 43952

a_store9_375.jpg (25334 bytes)Zenith Radio Knob Reproductions
Other Zenith Reproduction Parts
Parts for Other Manufacturers
Radio Dial Belts
Transoceanic 7000 Belts
Transoceanic Vinyl Cover Material
Dial Glass Gasket Material
1942 Zenith Dial Glass Replacement
Self Adhesive Felt Pads
Rubber Donut Chassis Cushions
Radio Grill Cloth Reproductions
Replacement Radio Grills  

Trunk Handles.


For the love of the radio...



Product List

Request a Tube


E-Mail Us

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Find your transformers here.

I had a complex multi tap secondary power transformer custom made from Peter. Peter has a whole line of new tube chassis transformers.



Push buttons, knobs and rubber shock mounts.

Use Knobs from:

Mike Koste
Gobs of Knobs
Ambler, PA


 New page, Zenith Chassis Cushion Washers

  click on image for details

Look familiar?  Philco and Zenith bumpers.


store logo

Play Things Of Past
Medina, Ohio



Mark Oppat's -  Need something special call him!

lampa1.gif (2154 bytes)European Radio Schematics.


   PHONO  Turn Table Maintenance   PHONO

Musonic (UK) Limited

DC284OV Mono Cartridge Copy DC284OV Mono Cartridge Copy  

Turntable Drive Belt Page


I found a belt for the Perpetuum-Ebner PE;: PE-Stereo 4230 turntable. 

Vinyl LP protection supplies. 




Bags Unlimited homepage

Turntable Basics

The complete website for turntable maintenance, adjustment and performance!!


Flat Belts page

Belts, Idler tires, etc etc. 

Newark carries this brand.

diy turntable strobe

Free printable strobe disks.

Logo The Voice of Music

Speaker Maintenance

Antique Radio Grille Cloth
Source of Speaker Repair

Speaker Repairs

Unlike Any Other


VINTAGE  Electro Voice Web site.  

Cone Parts



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