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4230 Perpetuum-Ebner turn table.  

Comes in Stereo or Monaural flavor. 


Saba Phono Super 125

IMG_3033.JPG (1028820 bytes)

Saba Phono Super 125

IMG_3035.JPG (929597 bytes)Push the tone arm to the right to start the platter motor. IMG_3037.JPG (718169 bytes)This crystal cartridge has low output. It has been replaced.  The 33-45 needle was worn out.  The tone arm skated across the records.  But not with a new needle. IMG_3036.JPG (890182 bytes) IMG_3309.JPG (366324 bytes)The motor switch-off cam needed adjusted.  The motor shuts off at the end of record. 

I used two fruit crates as a work support. The power computer speaker was a convenient monitor. 


Grundig 3089PH with a Perpentuum-Ebner 4320 turn table with mono crystal cartridge. 

IMG_4034.JPG (3462871 bytes)

A new crystal replacement cartridge (not shown) has been installed. 

IMG_4040.JPG (1083703 bytes) IMG_4041.JPG (972458 bytes)This idler wheel's bushing is too large for the spindle.  It must be a replacement.  I am looking for a proper replacement.  IMG_4042.JPG (806923 bytes) IMG_4043.JPG (2868474 bytes) IMG_4045.JPG (2726222 bytes)
IMG_4060.JPG (1205352 bytes) IMG_4061.JPG (1133264 bytes) IMG_4062.JPG (882808 bytes) IMG_4065.JPG (884898 bytes) IMG_4066.JPG (596452 bytes) IMG_4067.JPG (847625 bytes)
IMG_4068.JPG (644729 bytes) IMG_4069.JPG (851317 bytes) IMG_4071.JPG (686550 bytes) IMG_4073.JPG (725627 bytes)

Measured for a replacement belt.  

IMG_4074.JPG (734684 bytes)

There was no belt. 

IMG_4037.JPG (912001 bytes)

String to measure for a new belt. 


IMG_4038.JPG (842390 bytes)

PE 30 specifications.


IMG_4128.JPG (220743 bytes)

This will be replaced.  I want no failures once it leaves the shop. 

  IMG_4116.JPG (723822 bytes) Old, hard and sanded smaller. Will be replaced/rebuilt.  


IMG_4121.JPG (277871 bytes) Unfortunately, this pulley was gouged and too small.  The strobe showed a slow pattern with the new belt installed.  I suspect some one tried to convert the turntable from 50 to 60 Hz.  

So with nothing to loose, I used automotive body putty to build up the shaft.  I started to trim and shave the shaft to a convex shape.  Use the motor to spin the pulley.  I need to check the speed with the new idler wheel before filing any more. 

If the putty does not work then on to metal filled epoxy.  If that does not work I will look for a new pulley or have one turned.  The black tube is a shop vacuum cleaner to catch the putty dust.

The Bondo (auto body filler) worked great!  

These are the vendors I ordered parts  to rebuild this turntable.  

You can benefit from my hours of research and emails.  

FBL6.6 Flat Belt, Large 6.6 Inch

This is the new belt I ordered.


AC caps from Mouser.

Musonic (UK) Limited

NEW  DC284OV Mono Cartridge Copy DC284OV Mono Cartridge Copy 

The mount needs some "customization" to fit the head shell. And it is a tight fit. Sounds GREAT!

I sent the idler off for rebuilding.

Logo The Voice of Music

And the rebuilt one works GREAT!

diy turntable strobe

Free printable strobe disks.



This is how my PE4230 is wired (A to B).  Ignore the C contact. The 160 volts is derived from the primary of the multi voltage power transformer.  







bulletFirmenlogo, 1912  A museum.  Everything you want to know about where this turn table was made.  Get your translator ready. 


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