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This Norelco BX549A is made in Holland.  

IMG_4516.JPG (175620 bytes) IMG_4518.JPG (180978 bytes) IMG_4519.JPG (140981 bytes) IMG_4521.JPG (158421 bytes) IMG_4522.JPG (152244 bytes)
IMG_4523.JPG (182312 bytes)        

Down to work!

IMG_4547.JPG (1690334 bytes)

Before cleaning

IMG_4548.JPG (1923983 bytes) IMG_4549.JPG (1792688 bytes) IMG_4550.JPG (1776808 bytes)

Replaced resistor

IMG_4551.JPG (1830793 bytes)

Before restoration.

IMG_4553.JPG (1726927 bytes)
IMG_4571.JPG (1436898 bytes)

Tone control connections. 

IMG_4572.JPG (1241059 bytes)

Volume and Tone controls needed  cleaned with denatured alcohol.

IMG_4580.JPG (1530022 bytes)

Wipe down with mineral spirits.

IMG_4581.JPG (1537759 bytes) IMG_4582.JPG (1509150 bytes) IMG_4583.JPG (1397531 bytes)
IMG_4584.JPG (1426675 bytes) IMG_4585.JPG (1560228 bytes)

Gold paint. A perfect match!

IMG_4586.JPG (1331237 bytes)

Lots or elbow grease.

IMG_4587.JPG (1195319 bytes) IMG_4603.JPG (1619036 bytes) IMG_4604.JPG (1720729 bytes)
IMG_4605.JPG (1789065 bytes) IMG_4606.JPG (1411575 bytes) IMG_4607.JPG (1804231 bytes)

After Restoration.


IMG_4608.JPG (1635670 bytes)

After cleaning.


  IMG_4567.JPG (392094 bytes)


New grill cloth to be considered.

There is no direct replacement pattern for this cloth.  

IMG_4588.JPG (2128765 bytes)

So I tried to bleach the stained fabric.

IMG_4591.JPG (1905387 bytes)

The bleach made the cloth white.  The toning lacquer put some color back in. 

IMG_4592.JPG (1978592 bytes)

There are worn spots.

IMG_4594.JPG (2152879 bytes)

I wove some salvaged threads to fill in the gapes.  

IMG_4595.JPG (1932826 bytes)

Fine threads were placed on the fresh glue to cover the missing threads in the weave. 


IMG_4596.JPG (1414750 bytes)


The restoration of the original cloth just does not do justice to the rest of the radio.  I advise replacement.

IMG_4598.JPG (2137996 bytes)

There is an improvement.  But it still could use new replacement cloth.  

This is a European Radio blond replication cloth. 

IMG_4599.JPG (2291663 bytes)

The original pattern is unavailable.  I looked at US and European sites.  These vendors can be found on the Vendors page under the Links page. 

Recommended #1

This is a generic cloth.  Not assigned to any specific manufacturer.  

IMG_4600.JPG (2255596 bytes)

I have some cloth in the shop.  Or I can order some thing different. 


IMG_4602.JPG (2196285 bytes)

This is a Philco pattern.  

Too dark.  Too American. 

Recommended 1

Recommended 2

Antique Radio Grille Cloth

Or any other pattern that may appeal to your eye.

More Grill cloth vendors,

Ben Dijkman & Co

But they do not have a matching reproduction pattern. 



 IMG_4717.JPG (209425 bytes)

This is the new cloth.  



The last item needed for shipping is a new Eye Tube.  

IMG_4722.JPG (200754 bytes) IMG_4718.JPG (200801 bytes) IMG_4719.JPG (158384 bytes) IMG_4720.JPG (206837 bytes) IMG_4721.JPG (244813 bytes)

I want to ship the cabinet separately from the chassis.   This should take the heavy weight out of the delicate brittle Bakelite.  I need to verify how confident the owner would be with installing the chassis into the cabinet.

I will post a picture with a new eye tube when it comes in.  Keep tuned 


Connect and install chassis into cabinet.

Tools needed:

Long Philips head screw driver.  
Flat head screwdriver for rear cover screws.
Glass cleaner and paper towel to clean fingerprints from Dial Scale (if needed).  Wet the towel.  Do not spray on glass or plastic. 

Do Not plug in power cord or power up chassis before installing in a closed cabinet.  Capacitors will hold a charge after unplugging power cord. It takes about 5 minutes to discharge the capacitors. 

Click on small pictures to enlarge.

IMG_4771.jpg (193966 bytes)
Tubes held in place with electrical tape.  Rotating antenna covered with cardboard.
IMG_4772.jpg (177235 bytes)
Grab the iron of the transformer to lift.
IMG_4773.jpg (174421 bytes) 
and lift by the Can Capacitor
IMG_4774.jpg (187516 bytes)
This is glass. Nearly irreplaceable.
IMG_4775.jpg (169761 bytes)
Remove all the packing materials. 
IMG_4728.jpg (311328 bytes) Left
Remove 2 chassis retaining screws.
IMG_4729.jpg (310340 bytes) Right
IMG_4730.jpg (54854 bytes)
Put screws in cup.
IMG_4731.jpg (133375 bytes)
Locate and free speaker wire.
IMG_4732.jpg (150792 bytes)
Find mate on chassis
IMG_4734.jpg (130903 bytes)
Push together as pictured above.
IMG_4735.jpg (164253 bytes)
Move FM antenna out of the way.
IMG_4737.jpg (166856 bytes)
Set chassis on Bakelite support rail.  WATCH THE GLASS.
IMG_4739.jpg (115210 bytes)
IMG_4743.jpg (183876 bytes)
Do NOT force these chassis screws.  Broken Bakelite can not be repaired easily.
IMG_4745.jpg (119817 bytes)
Insert the Chassis retaining screw.  Avoid cross threading by turning screw Count Clock Wise as to remove it.  The threads will push out then drop in and align. Then advance Clockwise.  Leave this screw loose about 1/4"
These screws can be hand tightened  when threads are aligned properly.
IMG_4740.jpg (128714 bytes)
Install the right chassis retaining screw.  Align threads as before.  
IMG_4741.jpg (172000 bytes)
The cut out slides over the foam rubber. 
IMG_4747.jpg (129846 bytes)
Snug both screws.  You will feel the star washer grind and bite the metal. This should be tight enough.  
IMG_4744.jpg (150619 bytes)
IMG_4748.jpg (161644 bytes)
Remove thumb nut
IMG_4749.jpg (241973 bytes)
There is high voltage on the eye tube socket.
Do Not Plug in or power up radio before touching tube socket.  
IMG_4750.jpg (130181 bytes)Unplug power cord.  Do not touch socket or other bare connections for at least 5 minutes.  Capacitors hold charges. 
Hold Tuning eye socket up.
IMG_4751.jpg (236621 bytes)
Lightly tighten thumb nut.


IMG_4754.jpg (256061 bytes)
Too low
IMG_4753.jpg (239086 bytes)
Too high
Snug thumb nut when properly aligned.  
IMG_4757.jpg (175470 bytes) 
Adjust with caution.
Use a wood or plastic stick.  A chop stick works great if powered up.
IMG_4758.jpg (185405 bytes)
Insure wire does not interfere with rotating antenna.
IMG_4759.jpg (182263 bytes)
IMG_4762.jpg (202977 bytes)
Secure speaker wire from toughing hot tubes or causing vibrations. 
IMG_4764.jpg (221464 bytes)
Check rotating antenna clearance.
IMG_4766.jpg (180739 bytes)
Insure tubes are in sockets.
IMG_4767.jpg (202679 bytes)
Route FM antenna on out side of rear cover.
IMG_4768.jpg (190247 bytes)Plug into FM antenna socket. 
IMG_4769.jpg (214932 bytes)
Correct wire routing.  Outside cover.

If inside, wire can tangle rotating antenna and melt to hot glass tubes. 

Wrong inside cabinet wire routing.  
IMG_4721.JPG (244813 bytes)
Do Not put FM antenna wire inside the cover.  It is to be routed outside the cover. 
IMG_4776.jpg (219282 bytes)
There are two black ground wires that are to be fed through slots in the bottom panel. 
IMG_4777.jpg (205473 bytes)
These are to be captured under the bottom panel retaining screws to make connections with......
IMG_4778.jpg (179916 bytes)
.....these two ground planes.  Finger points a slot. 
IMG_4779.jpg (148695 bytes)
One left and one right. 
IMG_4781.jpg (197880 bytes)
Attach a "long wire antenna" with an alligator clip lead for great Short Wave (SW) reception.   
A long wire up to 60 feet out a window up and over a tree makes a great economical antenna.  Disconnect when not in use or during electrical storms. 
Click here  for SW antenna ideas
IMG_4780.jpg (208463 bytes)
A shorter 5 to 20 foot indoor wire draped along the base board will also help with SW reception. 
Any external SW antenna is better than just the internal antenna. 


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