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A Fairbanks Morse model 91C4  chassis 91


IMG_6991.JPG (1014184 bytes)

The search begins to find a replacement dial glass. 

IMG_6991small.JPG (371902 bytes) IMG_6993.JPG (986563 bytes) IMG_6993small.JPG (354199 bytes)  
IMG_6994.JPG (796865 bytes) IMG_6996.JPG (1015971 bytes) IMG_6997.JPG (1258824 bytes) IMG_6999.JPG (895511 bytes)

This is the big box containing the three small boxes. 

IMG_7000.JPG (927587 bytes)

Crumpled packing paper, recycled foam and stiff white foam.

IMG_7002.JPG (770235 bytes) IMG_7005.JPG (781884 bytes)

Chassis box.

IMG_7001.JPG (927511 bytes)

Shield box.  The packing material was inside of the shield cage.  


IMG_7003.JPG (921380 bytes)

Chassis box with crushed packing paper. 


IMG_7004.JPG (855397 bytes)

Chassis box.  


IMG_7011.JPG (837989 bytes)

Speaker box. Strong reusable double walled box

IMG_7006.JPG (1041373 bytes)

Speaker wrapped in bubble wrap.  


IMG_7007.JPG (1027420 bytes)

Cone cover. 


IMG_7012.JPG (925901 bytes) IMG_7010.JPG (743931 bytes)

Bottom of big box.  

FM 91c4 ch91 small.jpg (176612 bytes)

small file

FM 91c4 ch91.jpg (2335303 bytes) FM 91c4 ch9101252013_0000.jpg (2722868 bytes) FM image side small.jpg (113127 bytes)

small file

IMG_7013 sm.JPG (406555 bytes) IMG_7014 sm.JPG (443851 bytes)

Some newer electrolytic parallel across the original caps.  A common but not necessarily the best solution to dried caps.  The old cap can leak and short. 

Dial Scale 91c4 dims.jpg (4968355 bytes)

Image with dimensions. 4.73MB.

Dial Scale 91c4 dims small.jpg (226702 bytes)




New Dial glass has arrived.

Go to www.radioland.lg.ua for Dmitry's site.  


I ordered THREE from "Dial glass D" (DGD) in Ukraine.  I want back up in for the trip back to the owner.   All THREE made it from the Ukraine!  Now for domestic shipping?

I have been wanting to try DGD for a couple of years.  And it paid off!

He is a hobbyist just like me. Passionate about Radios.

IMG_7049.JPG (1212436 bytes)

I used Money Gram.  Normally I would use a payment that protects me.

IMG_7046edit.jpg (297445 bytes)

I traced this gentleman's work back on the net.  I found several pages of his extensive Intricate dial scale work.  

I respect his quality, work, honesty and fully complied with his information needs. 

IMG_7046edit.jpg (297445 bytes)

He sent me photos of the completed work (finished dial scale on glass) prior to any money changing hands.

I like that trust he has in my willingness to pay the fare price he quoted.  

Fantastic and beautiful!IMG_7044.JPG (180309 bytes)

Using Money Gram for the first time ever has its challenges.  Calling technical support directly helped a lot.  I would recommend both DGD and Money Gram to any radio restorer. 

Watch for the cash advance if you use a credit card.  I was schooled.


IMG_7043.JPG (170084 bytes)

I certainly could NOT do this level of work my self!

FedEx has cooperated fully to the owner's claim and committed to pay for the replacement dial scale and associated labor (detailed scale dimensional drawings).  

Now for the FedEx paper trail for one dial glass and labor. 

"Document, document and document some more" is my motto for today!


I thought we were out of luck not able to find a replacement dial glass. 

 Sheesh.  We dodged the preverbal bullet here!.  





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