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Emerson AP 185

New into the shop this Emersion 185 three band radio.  Short Wave, BC and Long Wave.  Although this has some chassis work already done it will receive the Full Monty!  See below:


IMG_6096.jpg (1157678 bytes)

As Received

IMG_6097.jpg (161242 bytes)

Dim Bulb Testing proved all the transformers are working.  

IMG_6098.jpg (154904 bytes) IMG_6099.jpg (158657 bytes) IMG_6100.jpg (172472 bytes) IMG_6101.jpg (174494 bytes)
IMG_6102.jpg (188046 bytes)

Mr. Jingles was here. 

IMG_6106.jpg (208742 bytes)

Some questionable solder joints.  

IMG_6107.jpg (156431 bytes)

They work but not up to what I prefer.

IMG_6108.jpg (121983 bytes)

I think the dial cord snapped and the tensioning spring can no longer fit.  I will replace the string. 

IMG_6109.jpg (183754 bytes)


IMG_6110.jpg (178265 bytes)

I take pictures for my records. 

IMG_6111.jpg (168964 bytes) IMG_6112.jpg (187234 bytes) IMG_6113.jpg (187123 bytes) IMG_6202.JPG (194051 bytes) IMG_6203.JPG (203835 bytes) IMG_6204.JPG (233804 bytes)
IMG_6205.JPG (173033 bytes) IMG_6206.JPG (162484 bytes)

A belt belongs in place of this dial string.

IMG_6207.JPG (142362 bytes) IMG_6208.JPG (202317 bytes) IMG_6209.JPG (178752 bytes) IMG_6210.JPG (185833 bytes)
IMG_6211.JPG (204663 bytes) IMG_6212.JPG (194135 bytes)

Lots of rodent damage to the finish.  

IMG_6223.JPG (337981 bytes)

Test chassis

IMG_6224.JPG (417012 bytes)

Media blast with Aluminum Oxide. White sand works better (not shown).  Cuts faster. 

IMG_6230.JPG (362059 bytes)

Removed the pitted rust.

IMG_6213.JPG (140542 bytes)

Zinc primer drying after media blasting. 

label crop 2.png (2543251 bytes)

Looking for a replacement label.

I could not find one.  The original is made from Unobtainium. 

So I made one with Microsoft Word and lots of coffee while listening to Johnny Dollar, Lum & Abner and the Red Skelton.Presentation1.jpg (147004 bytes)

A sprits of toned lacquer will make this white label look vintage. 





IMG_6098.jpg (154904 bytes)



IMG_6337.JPG (250159 bytes)



IMG_6338.JPG (307887 bytes) IMG_6339.JPG (242733 bytes) IMG_6340.JPG (173215 bytes) IMG_6341.JPG (232605 bytes)
IMG_6342.JPG (299732 bytes)


IMG_6202.JPG (194051 bytes)



IMG_6100.jpg (172472 bytes)


IMG_6343.JPG (369552 bytes)After IMG_6344.JPG (362649 bytes)

Label printed on Manila file folder card board. 

  IMG_6233.JPG (414020 bytes)

Tuning cap mounting hardware.  Not exactly the proper stuff.  

IMG_6234.JPG (275859 bytes)

Fabricated new spacers used with new grommets.

IMG_6235.JPG (308563 bytes)

This belt is too thick and binds when the dial scale mounting bracket is secured to the hole left of the tuning knob shaft. It needs a flat belt not square. 




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