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Electro-Neutronics Inc.

CD V-700 Model 6b


This is a Geiger counter originally used for Civil Defense purposes. This came in non functional.  I checked all the semi conductors, diodes and transistors.  I went through the resistors and found them mostly in tolerance.  I tested the meter with an ohm meter and a 10k series resistor.  I started with a 1 meg resistor and worked my way down dividing by half until the meter registered 1/2 scale.  That satisfied me if the meter was good or not.

The unit came in with a spare used G-M tube.   It only needed the loose pins super glued.  Once the new G-M tube was in I measured about 600 volts on the tube.  The scope showed the typical fly-back transformer weird wave shape by simply putting the probe tip near the fly-back transformer. 

This was something new for me to work on.  A hybrid mix of solid state and a G-M tube.  It was fun.  See the pictures below.

IMG_6509.JPG (1360244 bytes)

This schematic is inside the case. 

IMG_6516.JPG (822740 bytes)

IMG_6515.JPG (742206 bytes)

IMG_6513.JPG (826452 bytes)

Restored and operational. 

The probe holder and yellow stand-off is with the owner.  He want to mold and duplicate a new one before the original breaks clean through. 

IMG_6499.JPG (2531913 bytes)Pre-restoration

IMG_6500.JPG (2409636 bytes)


IMG_6504.JPG (1991740 bytes)

Check CR6 Zener voltage of 15.5 at the collector of V4 fly-back oscillator.

IMG_6506.JPG (1597450 bytes)

Collector of V4

IMG_6503.JPG (1474612 bytes)

Glued plastic battery holder spacer.  

IMG_6502.JPG (2068746 bytes)

The G-M tube ground depends on these two case contact points.  They were pained and I did not like that.  A file cleaned off the paint to establish a reliable ground. 

IMG_6501.JPG (1984369 bytes)

Calibration on the right.  I do not have a cal procedure nor do I have a radiation standard.  






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