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A Linear Amplifier


I will be adding a full portfolio of pictures as I go alone.  


IMG_5378.JPG (160287 bytes)

Power supply board.  Not foreign metal parts. 

IMG_5379.JPG (186090 bytes)

Caps have low ESR and show proper capacitance on the digital cap meter. 

IMG_5381.JPG (166162 bytes)

Opened up the diodes to get a valid check. The right side diodes are hard shorts. 

IMG_5380.JPG (104692 bytes)

Each diode is rates at 3A 600 PIV.  The schematic calls for  3A 1200v piv diodes.

Mouser Part #: 621-1N5408-B
Manufacturer Part #:



Diodes Inc.

Description: Rectifiers 3.0A 1000V
PDF Data Sheet
IMG_5506.JPG (146044 bytes)

Eight new 1N5408 installed. 

IMG_5507.JPG (215563 bytes)

On the Varriac.  12 volts AC in. 

IMG_5508.JPG (158293 bytes)

On the Varriac.  12 volts AC in. 

IMG_5509.JPG (222617 bytes)

Dim Bulb Tester w/ 200 watt lamp. 

IMG_5511.JPG (158409 bytes)

Dim Bulb Tester. 

IMG_5515.JPG (175887 bytes)

Full Line voltage and no blown fuses.  

IMG_5518.JPG (200038 bytes)

Full Line voltage and no blown fuses.  Keep your hands OFF!!!

IMG_5519.JPG (150994 bytes)

Low RF power input test. 

IMG_5520.JPG (135143 bytes)

Low RF power input test. 


Here is what I figured happened.  This is a vintage amp.  Any silicon junction breaks down over time from the flow of electrons through the PN materials.  It is like shooting BBs through a sponge.  Eventually the BBs will stack up from front to back of the sponge.  A vaguely similar thing happens in the PN material.  It will eventually short out.  This has been extensively explained in an IEEE article that I read this summer (2011).

Additionally I believe the diodes to be a tad under rated.  That is they are 600 volts inverse voltage rated.  That supply puts out 1500 (1100 measured) volts plate dc.  The manual parts list calls for 3 amp 1500v reverse voltage rectifier diodes.  Two 600 in series should withstand 1200volts.  That is 300 over voltage according to the parts list.

I will get the Hi Voltage AC secondary voltage with a meter (using 1/10 the input AC 12.6 vac).  And figure out what the real peak voltage with modern 120vac and the PA code the lighting line voltage (residential) is allowed to rise to 126 volts.  See:  Elmer Meter project for more information.

Some times I go overboard with details.  But I like details.  

1N5408 are the diodes that I purchased.  All eight are being replaced.  I am really liking the Diodes Inc products.  Looking at the Data sheet I see this product runs significantly cooler (15C/W) than the other manufactures (~53C/W).    Heat hurts junctions. 


Operator Manual.

Dentron GLA-1000_FrontCover.png (535903 bytes) Dentron GLA-1000 _contents.png (84459 bytes) Dentron GLA-1000 _pg1_intro.png (502171 bytes) Dentron GLA-1000 _pg2_specs.png (283981 bytes) Dentron GLA-1000 _pg3_TheoryOfOps.png (432698 bytes)
Dentron GLA-1000 _pg4.png (435268 bytes) Dentron GLA-1000 _pg5_install.png (252945 bytes) Dentron GLA-1000 _pg6_TuningUp.png (279069 bytes) Dentron GLA-1000 _ConnectionDiag.png (275143 bytes) Dentron GLA-1000 _pg8.png (262568 bytes)
Dentron GLA-1000 _Schm.png (315438 bytes) Dentron GLA-1000 _pg9_parts.png (300484 bytes) Dentron GLA-1000 RearCover.png (498697 bytes)    


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