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Delco model R-1235 bakelite case


Two of these radios are featured here on this page.  One in natural Brown bakelite and one painted white or cream.

Model R-1235 brown

IMG_6539.JPG (1117820 bytes) IMG_6540.JPG (1120421 bytes) IMG_6541.JPG (1030686 bytes) IMG_6542.JPG (1155585 bytes) IMG_6544.JPG (1108029 bytes) IMG_6545.JPG (1089054 bytes) IMG_6546.JPG (1138666 bytes)
IMG_6547.JPG (1000946 bytes) IMG_6558.JPG (814273 bytes)

47k resistor inside of the 2nd IF

IMG_6558.JPG (814273 bytes)


IMG_6559.JPG (1039948 bytes)

Burn in reveled an intermittent power switch made from "Unobtainium".

IMG_6560.JPG (970962 bytes)

Switched cleaned and the the intermittent solder lug cemented in place.  This repair failed and the switch section replaced with a lucky Hamfest find. 

IMG_6561.JPG (956537 bytes) IMG_6562.JPG (933318 bytes)

Cleaned up.

IMG_6563.JPG (956846 bytes) IMG_6564.JPG (1055864 bytes)

New parts.

IMG_6601.JPG (396815 bytes)

The new multi-section caps arrived.  Gone are the discrete capacitors. 

IMG_6614.JPG (185118 bytes) IMG_6619.JPG (147280 bytes)

A new label with corrected model number.  The old one was torn off.

IMG_6616.JPG (169897 bytes) IMG_6613.JPG (188677 bytes)


The Power Switch.

The original power switch is/was intermittent.  I am looking for a new old stock replacement and will contact Mark Oppat (King of Kontrols). I hope he has a new one.  He has helped me out on several occasions.   If not this newer looking hamfest find may help.

IMG_6574.JPG (415102 bytes)

Original switch

IMG_6577.JPG (397251 bytes) IMG_6580.JPG (255069 bytes) IMG_6583.JPG (363519 bytes) IMG_6584.JPG (344060 bytes) IMG_6582.JPG (149071 bytes)
IMG_6585.JPG (373536 bytes)

Hamfest find. This switch looks considerably cleaner.

IMG_6586.JPG (498469 bytes)

Hamfest switch on 500k tapped Delco Radio pot.


The Hamfest switch is very stable when measured with an ohm meter. I have confidence it should work.  A NOS switch is not available.      






Model R-1234 Ivory


IMG_6523.JPG (892367 bytes) IMG_6524.JPG (870953 bytes) IMG_6525.JPG (919189 bytes) IMG_6526.JPG (962993 bytes) IMG_6527.JPG (973950 bytes) IMG_6528.JPG (932435 bytes)
IMG_6529.JPG (998448 bytes) IMG_6530.JPG (1014225 bytes) IMG_6592.JPG (200756 bytes)

The 33uf section is too low causing hum.

IMG_6591.JPG (219537 bytes)

Inside the tube.

IMG_6593.JPG (213878 bytes)

New 47uf cap

IMG_6597.JPG (356964 bytes)

Re-installed and it sounds great.

IMG_6594.JPG (272872 bytes)

Cleaned up. 

IMG_6598.JPG (238470 bytes)

Cleaned up.

IMG_6604.JPG (249673 bytes)

This unit is to be re-painted.  The label will be lost.

two bits bw sn9089 grey scale.jpg (73030 bytes)

This is a new label.  I changed the serial number for the brown one above.  It's label is missing.



Repainted Cabinet


IMG_6764.JPG (198254 bytes) IMG_6766.JPG (187604 bytes) IMG_6767.JPG (158426 bytes) IMG_6768.JPG (128287 bytes)
The dial scale indicator and brown scale background have been sanded and repainted.  IMG_6770.JPG (109757 bytes)New sticker. IMG_6771.JPG (181884 bytes)  



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