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AMPEG SVP-Pro AudioTronics Carvin DMX MX3282A eDrum kit

This is a set of pages where I keep track of my Audio Reinforcement activities and research.  This is not Tube Radio Restoration related.  Just a place to keep track of my my side line hobby.




Headphone monitors

Giant Old School Beyer DT880 Wiki headphone pages. Carvin Audio Reinforcement.  IMG_3008.JPG (1130721 bytes)


I rearranged the knobs/colors to better distinguish functions.  

What did you say?  Don't go deaf.  


SPL calculator

IMG_4129.JPG (1162697 bytes)

AudioTroincs 8600

IMG_4936.JPG (1919703 bytes)

SVP- Pro


Headphone Monitor Systems and ideas.

  IC amp and hard limiter circuits.


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