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Stewart-Warner R-169-A

This Stewart Warner is in for restoration. Some repairs have been done but not a full chassis restoration.  This radio will receive all new capacitors, resistors and have the power cord re attached.  And that "Capacitor to Nowhere" (Pittsburgher's will remember the Bridge to Nowhere from the '70s) will be properly connected in accordance with the schematic.   The 6K6 audio output tube reads as bad on the tube tester.  This necessarily will not keep the radio from producing output but it will be greatly compromised.


IM000018.JPG (964991 bytes) The cabinet is in good shape. IM000017.JPG (957150 bytes) The lettering is silk screen printed on glass.  The black backing is felt.  IM000014.JPG (1065234 bytes)  The lettering is smeared.  It did not bleed or wash off.  This looks to be original from the factory.  IM000012.JPG (1124517 bytes) Capacitor to Nowhere.  UPDATE - This is the high frequency suppression cap that should be connected to the plate of the audio output tube.  This may explain the bad reading on the tube tester for the original tube.
IM000015.JPG (1156324 bytes) These look like new coils.  They are so clean.  IM000016.JPG (179526 bytes) These poorly soldered connections on the new power cord will be corrected. img_0031.jpg (92078 bytes) Open Bias resistor. img_0035.jpg (125991 bytes) img_0036.jpg (144245 bytes) This fuse socket has been damage.  
img_0037.jpg (151525 bytes) 

The fuse was soldered into the socked.  A new fuse holder has been added along with a new line cord, stand off and bypass cap.

img_0041.jpg (131553 bytes) This is the new bypass capacitor under the stand off.  The original is in the foreground mounted on the diagonal.  img_0038.jpg (738955 bytes) The new white fuse holder is seen on the left.  IMG_0051.JPG (772776 bytes) Original Dial Scale. 


Cabinet Restoration.  

The original finish was chipped off in some areas.  A fingernail could flake off the finish by simply scraping your finger across the surface. This is not normal.  This is the stripped cabinet with, some imperfections filled in with wood filler.  The wood filler has not been sanded in these pictures.  Part of the lower front right base was split.  It has been glued and clamped tight and filled with wood filler.  The base repair will be painted black and will not be seen.

IMG_0053.JPG (1501398 bytes) IMG_0054.JPG (1677856 bytes) IMG_0052.JPG (1794259 bytes)


Lacquer is still drying.

IMG_0089.JPG (186597 bytes) These pictures were taken an our after the last coat was sprayed. IMG_0090.JPG (337141 bytes) The curved edges will be pained with gloss black.   IMG_0091.JPG (119989 bytes)  IMG_0092.JPG (236302 bytes) IMG_0093.JPG (117502 bytes)
IMG_0094.JPG (165290 bytes) IMG_0095.JPG (134868 bytes) IMG_0096.JPG (165577 bytes) 12 coats IMG_0097.JPG (208841 bytes)   The borders will be pained after the lacquer has time to harden.   It is winter cold and wet, so this cabinet is comfortably drying in the third bed room.


This radio is ready to be shipped.

IMG_0098.JPG (306670 bytes) The chassis received one last electronic alignment after many hours of burn-in.   IMG_0099.JPG (291793 bytes) The knobs were cleaned and sprayed with lacquer. IMG_0100.JPG (275937 bytes) New felt was placed on the control shafts IMG_0101.JPG (279930 bytes) New felt feet replaced the worn felt feet being held in place with bent over brads.  I'm sure that put a few scratches in a table top.
IMG_0103.JPG (350939 bytes) New speaker grill. IMG_0104.JPG (293546 bytes) The old grill was brittle cracking and glued to the underside of the cabinet.  It would have not survived cabinet refinishing. IMG_0105.JPG (310497 bytes) Then end.   



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