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This is a Bendix 65P4 six tube transformer less radio . This pre 1951 radio is a rare bird that plays loud, clear and proud. Just sit back and listen to your local baseball or foot ball game.  And where else can you find 24 hour news that dose not require you to look at a video display.  Sundays and all week long hear your local gospel ministries and choirs.  And perhaps a bit of Bruce Williams, Rush or Doctor Laura.   Evenings here in Pittsburgh The Great Gildersleve is broadcast on 1410.  You can't receive that on your XM or FM radio with the warm vacuum tube sound. 

The case is repaired Bakelite that has been painted a bold metal flake Fire Engine Red.  The grill has been stripped, sanded and sprayed with GM Gold automotive paint.  The Bendix coppery looking Logo has been machine polished and clear lacquer treated.  The dial scale and translucent white backing has been cleaned and new pilot lamps installed.

The chassis has receive a full restoration. That included replacement of all resistors, capacitors (mica, electrolytic and paper), new pilot lamps, light cleaning, new power cord, cleaned controls, lubricated mechanicals, a full alignment and burn-in.   All tubes tested strong and should provide years of listening pleasure.

If you want that tube sound from you CD player or I Pod, use a connecting cable (stereo to mono).  Plug in the RCA plug into the rear of the 65P4, move the center switch to the third position clock wise and listen to your own recorded music. 

Now on to the photos...

IM000067.JPG (1231536 bytes) This is a beautiful radio. 

IM000068.JPG (1161171 bytes)        IM000069.JPG (1156813 bytes)

IM000070.JPG (1035383 bytes) No Flash
IM000071.JPG (495969 bytes) Indoors with flash IM000073.JPG (1174995 bytes) In doors, no flash   46p4 case1.JPG (342040 bytes) The lower rear has been repaired.  
IM000074.JPG (807378 bytes) Repaired lower rear.  IM000064.JPG (987873 bytes) Restored under chassis. All tubes tested strong.IM000003.JPG (883723 bytes) IM000065.JPG (1045728 bytes) All new resistors, capacitors and power cord.  Fully aligned and burned in. 

     wpe16.gif (11436 bytes)  

These are the specs. 

Here are full schematic and specifications of this radio from the Nostalgia Air web site.   


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